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We Are The Illusion – Limited ‘Nine Circles’ T-shirt

We Are The Illusion have new merch in stock including the new t-shirt created to celebrate We Are The Illusion’s new release “Nine Circles”. To get your hands on some of there brutal merch visit:

Halfwest Management Graces Hails & Horns Magazine

Fan of After Me The Flood, We Are The Illusion, Behold Oblivion, or any of these three bands? Well check them out in the twenty-seconded issue of Hails and Horns Magazine.


Behold Oblivion Releases ‘Witness’

Behold Oblivion new album “Witness” is now available for purchase at: If you were a fan of Behold Oblivion when they were known as Tight Rope, you will love Behold Oblivion’s new album Witness!


After Me, The Flood – New Merchandise

New Merch! Check out our new tank top design pre-order at and an upcoming merch shirt that will soon be abavalible at shows. Check it at:

Behold Oblivion – Exclusive Audio Interview

Tune in on Behold Oblivions interview with The New Review as they talk metal at:

Hard Times in the Hood Tour – After Me, The Flood

Come out and get brutal with After Me The Flood along with Face All Fears and Nothing Til Blood on the Hard Times in the Hood tour! For info here:


After Me, The Flood Releases Two New Songs (pre-pro)

Two new tracks, “On Our Own” and  “Abusive Hands Abusive Means” have recently been released by After Me The Flood. Go check them out at their band page on facebook: