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Behold Oblivion

The apocalypse, the eradication of civilization, the end of the world. To think of the destruction of humanity brings to the mind’s ear a cacophonous soundstrack of auditory lunacy. There is no group more apt at navigating that very sonic landscape than Boston’s Behold Oblivion. Formerly known as Tight Rope, the group has within its two year long infancy managed to self-record and produce an EP which has been downloaded over 2000 times since its release as well as self-record and produce their debut full length, Witness. The members met at the Berklee College of Music, and now seek only to further hone their ability to deliver aural punishment. They have borne witness to the end, yet they have only begun. Behold Oblivion will not only set the bar,they will obliterate it.

Band Members:

Eric Lee – Vocals
Jeremy Remington – Guitar
Pete Cohen –  Guitar
Leo Gallego – Bass
Dan Laird – Drums


Rick Fortier | Halfwest Management
Behold Oblivion
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